Flash DFRobot BLE device by CC Debugger(TI)


You will learn how to active a new CC2540 chip through this wiki. This is quite useful for users who use DFRobot BLE products but get the bootloader lost unexpectedly,i.e. You cannot find the device on your computer when you connected them by a USB cable. Or if you want to make a Bluno all by yourself, this can be a really helpful part in the whole process. And we use DFRobot Bluno Mega2560 as an example in this usage, other products could be flashed in the same method.

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Make sure the driver installed


If you need to flash a new CC2540 chip, you have to solder it on DFRobot BLE card correctly. Make sure there is no false welding! Here we skimmed some steps of installing softwares or the drivers for CC Debugger, please read related documents about how. CC Debugger usage, by TI®

There are basically 3 parts to finish the activation, that is 1. Flash Bootloader -> 2. Flash Firmware -> 3. Decryption Firmware.

Flash Bootloader

Step 1. Wiring

Download interface pin definition of Bluno Mega2560 Connect Bluno Mega2560 with CC Debugger Please look up the schematic of the BLE card you have, and find the Download interface pin definition in it. Here, the picture in right is Bluno Mega2560's. (BLE micro & Bluno Nano 's CC2540 download interface are different, Bluno's is the same)

Then Connect Bluno Mega2560 with CC Debugger according to this picture. i.e.

- CC Debugger usage, by TI®

'''Step 2. Detect Chip CC2540 '''

Power for both devices Press Button Reset to detect the CC2540 chip

Supply power for CC Debugger and Bluno Mega2560 at the same time, then Press the button Reset on CC Debugger, the LED would turn from red to yellow if you have wired them correctly.

And then, open the Flash Programmer, it will recognize the target chip CC2540. If not, check above to see if you have overlooked anything.

- DFRobot_BLE_prog_cc_set_and_go.png

'''Step 3. Setting and Flash '''

Setting the panel according to the picture below, and select the file SBL_BootloarderV2.0.hex, then click Perform Action. It will be done in a few seconds and the two LEDs on Bluno Mega2560, that is LINK&PAIR, start to flash regularly. Then go to next part.

- DFRobot_BLE_prog_detect_cc.png

Flash Firmware

Open blunoFWDownloader and select suitable firmware for your card, here is SBL_Blemega2560V1.9.bin for Bluno Mega2560, and click the downward arrow to perform the action. After about half a minute, it will be done. You can also visit Update BLE Firmware on Bluno for more details.

- <File:DFRobot> BLE fwd set2 .png

- <File:DFRobot> BLE fwd done2.png

Decrypt Firmware

The device could be uploaded skecth, but the BLE will fail to find the device on your phone.

  1. Enter AT mode, how to?
  2. Query the MAC address using AT+MAC=?
  3. Send the Mac address to us by email: And you will receive a KEY. e.g. AT+SN=d16f707123241f4dd2. Note: It might take 1-2 workdays.
  4. Send AT command AT+SN=d16f707123241f4dd2 to decrypt the firmware.
  5. Send AT command AT+EXIT to save the setting and unplug the power supply to Bluno Mega2560.
  6. Re-supply power for Bluno Mega2560, and check if the decryption was successful using AT+SN=?, ON is Ok while OFF failed.

- <File:DFRobot> BLE Decryption.png

Use BLE feature freely

After the steps above, you've fixed your defective card. To check if it works, you may:

  1. Plug it to your PC to see if you can upload any sketch by Arduino IDE
  2. Follow this wiki to make sure the BLE service is available now. Bluno Basic Demo


Any question or suggestion is appreciated to post on DFRobot forum.

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