This module uses an ambient light detector(LX1972) with spectral response that closely emulates the human eye. It help you to to detect the light density and reflect the analog voltage signal back to Arduino controller. You can set the threshold of voltage level to trig other unit on Arduino project.


Board Overview

Cable Color Description
black GND
red VCC
other output

Sample Code

    void setup()
      Serial.begin(9600); // open serial port, set the baud rate to 9600 bps
    void loop()
          int val;
          val=analogRead(0);      //connect sensor to Analog 0
          Serial.println(val);//print the value to serial


Q&A Some general Arduino Problems/FAQ/Tips
Q1 The unit of the output from these sensors is? How can I convert it to LUX?
A1 Well, it is only a simple analog sensor that could show you the relationship of the light intensity (within its detect range) and voltage (0-5V). If you want to transfer the voltage to unit in LUX, then well, it requires that you have a commercial Light Intensity Meter like this that can display LUX info, then you can match the readings to the sensor's analog reading, then you could a map to describe the relationship of voltage and ambient light density.
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