With ethernet relay, IOT has become so easy. RLY-8-POE-USB is a POE&USB controlled 8 channel relay controller based on STM32. With this module users can be able to do remote control/switching power supply centralized management, the purpose of this product can be directly by net POE power supply switch power supply is connected to the Internet, so you just need to a cable link equipment, suitable for: home decoration, hotel, shopping mall management, Internet cafes, karaoke time, daily office, stores monitoring, networking, industrial control equipment, test equipment, power control, unattended, underground pipes, mining equipment, ships, machine room, street lamp management, intelligent management and centralized management.

RLY-8-POE-USB is an open communication protocol of network relay control products (wide area network operation on the router need to add port mapping) which can use all kinds of network tools to directly establish TCP connection and control.(DFRobot provides you with a set of control tools as a reference.)

This product supports USB function,Plug the USB directly into the computer.The control and parameter setting can be controlled by using binary communication protocol through USB.Of course, you can also use the other controller directly control the RLY-8 through USB.

This product can be achieved through a wide area network or LAN control relay module.So as to realize the remote control electric appliance switch to achieve the purpose of centralized management of power supply.

This product can be used in ordinary power adapter as power supply, but also through the POE as power supply switch to direct power and networking.So you can only need to connect a cable connected to the device, you can achieve power supply and network control functions.

warning_yellow.png PoE compatiblity issue: We have passed the test on PoE Switches as
Tenda TEF1008P However, as reported by our customer, the PoE feature failed on these PoE switches:
TP-LINK TL-SG3424P 24-Port Gigabit L2 Managed PoE Switch
100-POE4 Industrial Midspan Power Injector



This tutorial will teach you how to configure and use RLY-8-POE Relay Controller.


Connection Diagram

We have two ways for the connection, one is through the cable, the other is through the USB, of course, you can use them the same time.


NOTE:If you choose directly connect to the computer. Then the computer have to be set to a fixed IP, you can set computer's IP as, netmask, gateway

PC Control POE Relay

Open the Software


Enter control panel

Select the network, and then select the Network Control button, enter the network control interface


NOTE: It may take some time when the RlY-8 has just started to plug in the electric, please be patient waiting for the emergence of network list

Control the POE relay with network


NOTE: It is recommended to click the Get Status button to get the current state when you want to control the relay.

Control the POE relay with USB

RLY-8 is using STM32 MCU, please install the driver first!



Reset and Restore Factory Settings

On the device has a Reset button, Keep holding, when the lights began to flash,Has been bright, said the resumption of factory success.


RLY-8-reasult.png RLY-8-reasult1.jpg


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