The Micro Vibration Module


Have you ever wonder how to implement a vibration of the mobile phone? Why sometimes felt stronger, sometimes felt weak? The newest vibration module of gravity series, take you in-depth understanding of the vibration module principles, to satisfy your curiosity. Module uses a high quality of small vibration motor, only coin size, the edge did fillet processing, smaller. Gravity 3 - Pin interface, plug and play, more convenient. Let the children at the time of discovery, more focus on knowledge itself, get rid of complicated wiring.


Board Overview

Pinout | |

Num Label Description
1 Signal Control signal input
2 VCC Power supply


  1. Introduce the operating priciples of the vibration module.
  2. Introduce control mode of the micro vibration module by simple examples and pictures.(high level work, low level stop).
  3. Control the module vibration intensity by the PWM signal.


Operating Priciples

The vibration module uses the vibration motor as exciting vibration source, a set of adjustable eccentric block is installed in the end of rotor shaft, then we can ger the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation of the shaft and eccentric block.

Contorl the Module by the Switch

push button control diagram

* Vibration
* ****************************************************
*  This example shows that the module will shake /vibrate 5S when we press the button

* @author Dongzi(
* @version  V1.0
* @date  2016-5-26
* All above must be included in any redistribution
* ****************************************************/
const int buttonPin = 8;     // the number of the pushbutton pin
const int VibPin =  13;      // the number of the Vibration Module pin
int key=0;
void setup()
     pinMode(VibPin,OUTPUT);    // Set the digital pin(11) as output
     pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT); // Set the digital pin(8) as input

void loop()
                    digitalWrite(VibPin,HIGH);   //Turn on the  Vibration Module
                      delay(5000);   //Waits for 5 seconds
                    digitalWrite(VibPin,LOW);  //Turn off the  Vibration Module
               digitalWrite(VibPin,LOW); //Turn off the  Vibration Module
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Results: when the button of 8 pin is pressed, the vibration module can work for 5 seconds, then stop and wait for pushing the button again

Control the Module Amplitude

PWM comtrol diagram

//Arduino Sample Code for Vibration Module
//Version 1.0

#define Vibration 3    //define driver pins

void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);    //Baudrate: 9600
void loop()
  analogWrite(Vibration, 160);   //PWM
  analogWrite(Vibration, 200);   //PWM
  analogWrite(Vibration, 255);   //PWM

Results: as the PWM value increased, amplitude increased


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