The Hall Angle Sensor is a miniature 360 degree sensor which works based on the principle of the Hall effect. It is compatible with the DFRobot Gravity sensor interface, and works with a 5V DC power supply. The analog output is also 0~5V so it can work directly with Arduino.

The Hall angle sensor works by converting its angle information to an electrical signal. When the rotation angle of the object is passed to the axis of rotation sensors, it outputs an electrical signal that is proportional to the rotational angle.

The angular sensor shell is constructed from robust aluminum alloy, using Hall-type non-contact technology. It includes high-quality imported high-speed stainless steel bearings and other components for reduced frictional resistance when taking readings.

The unit offers a long service life and is compact, with a high resolution, smooth rotation and dynamic noise. This unit is guarantees performance in various harsh industrial environments and is protected from electromagnetic interference, water, oil, vibration and shock. A typical application is crank angle sensing and steering angle measurement.


Board Overview

Hall Angle Sensor

Num Label Description
1 Signal Analog Signal
2 VCC Power +
3 GND Power -


This tutorial demonstrates how to use hall angle sensor in 5 minutes.


Connection Diagram


Sample Code

* Hall angle sensor
* ****************************************************
* This example The sensors detect turn round

* @author
* @version  V1.0
* @date  2016-7-12

* GNU Lesser General Public License.
* See <> for details.
* All above must be included in any redistribution
* ****************************************************/

void setup()

void loop()
  float analogValue = analogRead(A2);     //Voltage reading
  float amp = analogValue/1024.0 * 360;  //Angle calculation  (  UNO is a 10-bit AD )

Expected Results

The serial monitor shows the angle value.




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