These LED string lights are composed of a series of LEDs that have a colorful glow. They can be used as decorations and for other interesting applications. Use them as outdoor string lights, string lights in your bedroom, on your patio or on a globe. There are many applications, what can you think of?

warning_yellow.png Note: Use the provided adapter to power the string to avoid risk of damage.


Board Overview


No. Label Description
1 Signal Input Signal
2 VCC Power +
3 GND Power -


In this section, we'll tell you how to use the LED module


Connection Diagram


Sample Code

* LED String Lights
* ****************************************************
*  Control a String Light to fade in and out

* @author Dongzi(
* @version  V1.0
* @date  2016-5-26
* All above must be included in any redistribution
* ****************************************************/
int t;
#define  Light_string  3
void setup() {

  pinMode( Light_string, OUTPUT);
void loop() {

  for(t=5;t<255;t++ ) // turn the Light string on (HIGH is the voltage level) little and little.
    analogWrite( Light_string, t);

  if(t>=255)         // turn the Light string off (HIGH is the voltage level) little and little.
      analogWrite( Light_string, t);


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Schematic Layout

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