UHF RFID MODULE-USB,this RFID tag reader is a remote read-write module of IC card using non-contact UHF technology . It can widely use in the field of vehicle monitoring, remote control, home alarm system, wireless meter reading, access control system, industrial data acquisition system, the wireless tag, identification, non-contact RF card, small wireless data terminals, fire-proof systems, wireless remote control system, biological signal acquisition, hydrological and meteorological monitoring, robot control, etc. . The UHF RFID MODULE-USB, a remote RFID tag reader module which DFRobot launched,can easily communicate through UART interface to other module , at the same time the module has another version with RS485 that makers can easily be integrated into the present wireless network.




UHF RFID MODULE-USB ,the remote RFID tag reader module,transfer immobilize data format to achieve read-write. There are three common data frame format.For example:

Command frame is the data frame for operating the reader, the data transfer from host to slave, and the format as follow.

PacketType Length Command Code Device Number Command Data ... Command Data Command Data Checksum
0xa0 n+3 1 byte 1 byte Byte 1 Byte n-1 Byte n cc

Response frame of reader command completion is the data frame with immobilized length, the data transfer from slave to host,and the format as follow

PacketType Length Command Code Device Number Status Checksum
0xe4 0x04 1 byte 1 byte 1 byte cc
SN. value name description
1 0x00 ERR_NONE Command complete
2 0x02 CRC_ERROR CRC check error
3 0x10 COMMMAND_ERROR Illegal command
4 0x01 OTHER_ERROR Other error

Information frame is the data frame sent to host, such as used to send a tag to host,the data transfer from slave to host, and the format as follow:

PacketType Length Response Code Device Number Response Data ... Response Data Checksum
0xe0 n+3 1 byte 1 byte Byte 1 Byte n cc
Read tags Kill tags Stop reading tags restart tag identification function Control BUZZER
A0 06 80 00 01 02 01 D6 A0 08 86 00 00 12 34 56 78 BE A0 03 A8 00 B5 A0 03 FC 00 61 A0 04 B0 00 00(close) AC
A0 04 B0 00 01(open) AC

When the RFID tag reader module power on, and after a short "beep" sound, the module will enter continuous card-reading mode. Put the tag above the module, the module will begin to read the cards. For example,you can stop the card-reading by send a data through the serial port (stop reading data is A0 03 50 00 D).And if this operation is success, the module will return E4 04 50 00 00 C8.If fails, return data E4 04 50 00 (other value) C8.

warning_yellow.png NOTE: Module has destroyed, lock and other special functions.If once the tag be destroyed, the tag will can never use again.So,please use these function cautiously!


This sample shows that use PC to setting the module. Tel0080_app.JPG In this application, we use serial monitor to help us more convenient to send and receive commands .By reading the tag command ,we can find out that RFID module do the response and return the tag name .Then we continue to try using other commands . Tag_read_EN.png

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