Arduino Mega Arduino is the high-end series of the Arduino controller. DFRduino Mega1280 is based on ATmega1280 control chip as the core, with 54 digital I/O (input/output) ports (of which 14 can be used as PWM output), 16 analog input ports and 4 UART (hardware serial ports), using a 16 MHz crystal oscillator.

Embedded bootloader enables the controller to download the program directly via USB without any other external burning device.

Multiple ways of power supply can be free to choose, including the USB power supply and universal power adapter and battery for external power supply.

Open-sourced software and hardware platform, large interacted community, easy development environment and strong control ability, all together making the Arduino become the most popular electronic product development tool currently.


Pin Out

The figure above shows Bluno Mega1280 controller with all the ports, which includes:

Supported Android Devices

Android 4.3 and above systems equipped with Bluetooth 4.0:

Recommanded Android version:

BLE Android 4.3 ROMs (Cyanogenmod Stable version)

Supported Apple Devices

iOS 7.0+ Devices:

Special Driver

Bluno Mega1280 requires a special driver. Please download the Special Driver, and install it in the Device Manager. If you find it doesn't display Mega1280 in the Device manager, please uninstall the driver and reinstall the correct one again.


More advantages

Compared with the first Bluetooth 4.0 integrated Arduino board , Bluno, Bluno Mega1280 not only inherits the advantages of this Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication function, but also enables more digital and analog ports allowing bigger code storage space. That is to say, you can use Bluno Mega1280 to make more functional DIY works. Also improvement has been done on power supply, with the power input range widened to 5-23V. The board output current capacity has also been greatly increased to 2A (using DC2.1 port to supply power), which is even more fortunate.It means Bluno Mega1280 is able to connect more external sensor modules concurrently. The shield interface is compatible with the Arduino shield interface, as it was priviously. Yes, it will undoubtly become a powerful core board for making creative DIY works.

The serial port using

Bluno Mega1280 and Mega1280 have the same serial port configuration, with only adding a serial port for Bluetooth 4.0 wireless passthrough. Bluno Mega1280 has four serial ports, allowing concurrently connecting 4 communication modules.

Arduino language provides some functions that can be used for operating Bluno Mega1280 serial ports. Taking Serial port 0 as an example, the operation functions are and Serial.println(). The other three serial port usages are the same as Serial port 0, like that all the operations functions of Serial port 2 are serial2.begin(),, serial2.print() and serial2.println().

Sample for Bluno Mega1280 connecting to smart phones

Please refer to Sample for Bluno connecting to smart phones

Wireless programming via BLE

Please refer to Wireless programming via BLE of Bluno

BLE firmware update of Bluno mega1280 ("AT + VERSION" to check the vertion)

Please refer to BLE firmware update of Bluno

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