This Bluetooth Audio receiver module includes a USB port and TF card slot. With a pre-amp output, you can drive headphones or a 3W speaker directly. You can also add an active power amplifier and connect a loudspeaker. The module supports MP3, WMA, WAV and lossless FLAC audio formats With its compact form factor and 5V DC power requirement, this is an ideal module for people who want to turn a boring old loudspeaker in to a wireless bluetooth speaker. Awesome!


Board Overview

No. Name Description
1 MicroUSB 5V DC (Power Only)
2 3.5mm Headphone Jack 3.5mm Headphone Jack
3 Mode Mode Switch: Bluetooth/TF Card/USB
4 Play Play/Pause
5 Next Short Press: Next Song / Long Press: Volume +
6 Back Short Press: Previous / Long Press: Volume -
7 EQ Equalizer
8 USB USB Port
9 TF Slot TF Card Max-16GB
10 Bluetooth Antenna Bluetooth Antenna
11 MIC MIC (Reserved)
12 Power 5V (Reserved)
11 IR Receiver IR receiver (Reserved)



This units usage is similar to an ordinary bluetooth headset:

Open the music player and enjoy your music!


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