As we all know raspberry motherboard CPU than Arduino MCU used in the more sophisticated. It by BGA encapsulation, and also directly above the fold on the CPU DDR memory.If not careful in doing experiments short-circuit the GPIO, the motherboard can be fatal, CPU if burned raspberry motherboard will be very difficult to repair. In view of the current hot Raspberry Pi motherboard, DFRobot launched a new generation of latest Rasperry Pi GPIO Extension Board raspberries pie GPIO adapter plate, for many customers reflected in the prototype when burned motherboard, DFRobot protection design for all IO.


Pin Mapping

pin map

How to drive a LED using GPIO Extension Board and breadboard

Connection Diagram

connect pic raspberrypi_blink_example_all.jpg

Example Code

**Note:WiringPi includes a command-line utility gpio which can be used to program and setup the GPIO pins. You can use this to read and write the pins and even use it to control them from shell scripts.

The code below will be used to drive and blink the LED every 1s via GPIO Extension board.

#this is linux shell script
#blink.sh using wiringPi library

gpio mode $PIN out
while true;
gpio write $PIN 1
sleep 1
gpio write $PIN 0
sleep 1

Effect Picture


Install WiringPi Library

> sudo apt-get update
> sudo apt-get install git-core
> sudo git clone git://git.drogon.net/wiringPi
> cd wiringPi
> ./build

for test

> gpio -v
> gpio readall

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