The 315MHz RF radio module is widely used in the field of vehicle Telecontrol, access control system, identification, etc. Compared with traditional wired communication, RF radio has advantage of higher flexibility and lower maintenance cost. DFRobot 315MHz RF receiver module using SC2272-L4 low power decoder chip, with 8-bit three-state address coding switch, each one has three states: high level, low level, floating empty, so it supports up to 6,561 of the coding address. Modules can be used with SC2260, SC2262, PT2260, PT2262 and other coding chips, recommend our Remote Wireless Keyfob (315MHz)




RF modules need a corresponding remote controller to work together. Make sure the receiver and the remote control address are consistent before using. The following example is based on our Metal Remote Wireless Keyfob.

Set Receiver Module Address

315MHZ RF Receiver module has 8-bit three-state address coding switch (a0~a7), each one has three states: high level, low level, floating empty, up to 6,561 address make your device more security. Note: the default address of controller is floating empty (middle position).

Set Controller Address

This module can be used with SC2260, SC2262, PT2260, PT2262 and other coding chips. Please click here for the Address Setting.

Pairing Rules

PT2272/SC2272/CS5212 PT2262 PT2260 SC2260 CS5211 width
220K 1.2M X 3.3M 1.1M 500us
270K 1.5M X 4.3M 1.4M 650us
390K 2.2M X 6.2M 2M 900us
680K 3.3M X 9.1M 3M 1320us
820K 4.7M 1.2M 12M 4.3M 1820us




SC2272-L4 is a latch decoder, the LED will light on when it receive corrsponding signal. In this tutorial, we use Arduino UNO to read the GPIO output.


Connection Diagram


Sample Code

Do you need to install any additional libraries? Explain it here How to install Libraries in Arduino IDE (If there is no need to install any libraries, please delete this link)

 *Gravity 315MHZ RF Receiver Module(V1.0)
 * ****************************************************
 *  The data received from the serial print module
 * @author Dongzi(
 * @version  V1.0
 * @date  2017-01-03
 * All above must be included in any redistribution
 * ****************************************************/
char  mou_D0=8;// define pin 8 for receive module D0
char  mou_S=13;// What is received with LED display
void setup() {
  pinMode(mou_D0, INPUT);
  pinMode( mou_S, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
  char mou_S0=digitalRead(mou_D0);

Expected Results

The light will be on until you press the other button.


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