TFT Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi


Looking for a small screen that is the same size as your Raspberry Pi? This 3.5" resistive touch screen with 480 x 320 resolution will certainly meet your needs. If further combined with a wireless keyboard, It will act as a fully functional computer that fits right in your pocket. Use it to run the Pi's terminal, to play games, or to browse the web.

This item is more than just a screen, it is also a development friendly platform. It is seamlessly compatible with DFRobot Gravity series modules making it easy to connect or even to debug your Pi via the serial port! All the pins of Pi are left unoccupied, giving you more room to connect jumper wires.

This Touchscreen is well designed for the Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or Model B (with 40 GPIO Pins). Please note that it is not directly compatible with the old 26 pin GPIO Raspberry Pi.

Supports Raspian and Ubuntu systems, compatible with Raspberry Pi B , Raspberry Pi 2 and the latest Raspberry Pi 3. (any version with 40 GPIO pins)


Pin Descriptions

↑ Raspberry Pi Pin "GPIO 2" corresponds to the LCD digital pins "2" ↑

Using the LCD with your Raspberry Pi

Get Started

Download LCD drivers: LCD Driver by waveshare (need network when installing)

e.g. if the directory is "/home/pi" then you need to use the command "cd /home/pi"

After you run the command, the system will automatically restart and switch to the LCD display.


Restore Output to HDMI

cd /home/pi/LCD-show/ sudo ./LCD-hdmi

Note: When using the LCD display driver be sure to power off the system using software rather than switching the power off abruptly to avoid damage to the LCD.

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