pinpong board class

PinPong Class - Board Class


Creates and initializes a board.

board = PinPong(board_name, port)

  1. Simple, short and easy to remember.
  2. Case-insensitive, all lowercase is recommended in examples.
  3. Use underscores to distinguish between long words or words that need to distinguish versions.

Board Name board_name Remarks
Arduino Uno R3 uno
Arduino Leonardo leonardo
Micro:bit microbit
Raspberry Pi rpi
Unihiker unihiker
LattePanda lp Equivalent to leonardo
Nezha Development Board nezha
Arduino Nano nano Not supported yet
Arduino Mega1280 mega1280 Not supported yet
Arduino Mega2560 mega2560 Not supported yet
Firebeetle ESP32 firebeetle_esp32 Not supported yet
Firebeetle ESP8266 firebeetle_esp8266 Not supported yet
ESP32 esp32 Not supported yet
ESP8266 esp8266 Not supported yet



Connects to the Arduino board, checks the firmware version. If the firmware is not burned or the version is incorrect, it will burn the latest firmware.