BLE4.1 Module is DFRobot newly developed Bluetooth 4.1 transmission module, adhering to the same usage of Bluno, and increasing the star network function, KISS connection (Approach Connection). The new Bluetooth is designed based on BLE 4.1 technology. It has low power consumption and other special features. In the BLE transmission, the point-to-point output rate is 4Kbps, equivalent to the original Bluno twice the rate. BLE4.1 Module uses DA14681 high-performance BLE chip, it integrates advanced power management system, coming with 3.7V lithium battery charging circuit. It obtains power directly from the USB port. Support 400mA maximum charge current,




Fig1: DFRobot_BLE4.1_Module PinOUT

Fig2: DFRobot_BLE4.1_Module PinMap

warning_yellow.png NOTE: VBUS and GND are USB Power port; BAT and BAT- are battery power port.

warning_yellow.png NOTE: There is a 0.1 ohm resistor between BAT- and GND. The battery can also be used directly between BAT and GND when in use


Fig3: DFRobot_BLE4.1_Module Dimension

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