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Small and exquisite, this 0.96”TFT screen employs an edge-to-edge design and offers glorious 160×80HD 16-bit color display, which can be suitable for wearable projects, mobile devices and smart home products. It supports DFRobot GDI display interface and can be conveniently connected to your GDI main-controller with FPC, plug and play, and easy to wire! Compatible with 3.3V to 5V, the display consumes current less than 15mA in full-screen. It works well with controllers like UNO, Leonardo, ESP32, ESP8266, FireBeetle M0, etc


Board Overview

Board Overview

Num Label Description
1 VCC +
2 GND -
3 SCLK Clock
4 MOSI Data (The host transmits and the slave receives)
5 CS Chip Select
6 RT Reset
7 DC Data/Command
8 BL Backlight. The default backlight has been set, so users can also light the backlight without connecting backlight pin. In addition, when you connect the backlight pin, input high level (1) is to turn the backlight brightness to the maximum, and input low level (0) is to turn off the backlight.


The product, pertaining to Breakout module, uses SPI communication method and on-board GDI interface, making wiring easier so that what read from SD card can be easily displayed.


  1. GDI interface need to use together with a master computer with the GDI interface
  2. Arduino1.8.10 or later is recommended
  3. If the SD card is in poor contact with the slot, initialization may fail.Try again please.



  1. All demos of this product are stored in the DFRobot_GDL->example->basic file
  2. Before burning demos, please open the corresponding materialization function (DFRobot_ST7735_240x240_HW_SPI)

Connection Diagram

Arduino Connection Diagram

Connection Diagram

Sample Code - basicTest

This is a basic display sample, including painting dots, lines, circles, rectangles, and so on.

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:


void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Compatibility Testing

MCU Pass Miss NO Test Special Concern
Arduino Uno
Arduino M0


For any questions, advice or cool ideas to share, please visit the DFRobot Forum.

More Documents

Schematics Dimensions Datasheet

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