This is a 10.1" mini-HDMI IPS Display with 800 × 1280 resolution. It supports mini-HDMI video signal input and microUSB power supply. It only requires 500mA to light up the screen and you can adjust the backlight brightness through the USB port. It supports 100-level backlight adjustment, you can use script to control the brightness. The screen supports three major operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and MACOS, especially the Raspberry Pi. It works directly with Raspberry Pi, Lattepanda, and other devices with HDMI output, which can basically achieve full platform compatibility.




Viewing Angle

Viewing Angle


This screen supports three operating systems: Linux, Windows and MACOS. Among them, Windows and MAC systems can be set to configure the output resolution. Linux needs to be set by commands.

Raspberry Pi Tutorial

When you use the 10.1" screen on the Raspberry Pi, the resolution may not adapt. You need to manually configure the Raspberry Pi ’s HDMI output to reset the resolution. (Insufficient power will also prevent the screen from turning on.)

WIndows and the other Systems

In the first usage with Windows and MacOS, please use the system screen rotation function:

Brightness Control

Raspberry Pi

Connect USB and HDMI to Raspberry Pi:

  1. Download Brightness Control Software: BrightnessControl(Github)

  2. Copy the downloaded compressed file to any user path on the Raspberry Pi, such as the desktop: /home/pi/Desktop
    DFR0615 Brightness Control

  3. Navigate to your home folder: Navigate to the home folder

    cd /home/pi/Desktop/BrightnessControl
  4. Configure boot and start environment, run: Configure boot and start environment

    sudo chmod 777 setup.sh
  5. Brightness Control: Brightness Control

    python SetBrightness.py

WIndows and the other Systems

Connect USB and HDMI to PC:
There will be a COM port in device manager, open the serial port, set baudrate to 115200bps, send HEX data: 55 AA FF 0D 0A, FF is the brightness, 00~FF.


Q&A Some general Problems/FAQ/Tips
Q There is a screen flicker, what can I do?
A Check the screen USB power, it must have the same GND with HDMI device.
Q No display/black screen, how?
A If you are using Raspberry Pi, please check the wiki for the HDMI configuration.

More Documents

Get 10.1" 800x1280 mini-HDMI IPS Display from DFRobot Store or DFRobot Distributor.

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