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DRI0042 15A Single DC Motor Driver


This is an ultra small DC motor driver for small scale projects using the popular IC - LM2575. This provides a powerful way to drive 36V @ 15A motors. UVLO (Under Voltage Latch-Out) features a safe guard for your system. It is very considerate to own an 5V output for Arduino or any other devices, and its interface includes ESD (electro-static discharge) protection.


DRI0042 15A Single DC Motor Driver Specification

Board Overview

DRI0042 15A Single DC Motor Driver Board Overview
Num Label Description
1 9 - 36V Power Supply,
2 PGND Power Supply, GND/ -
3 5VO 5V Output, you can use this power to feed Arduino through Arduino's 5V port, NOT Vin which requires 7-12V input
4 PWM Speed control signal input
5 IN1 Motor steering control signal input 1, Note1
6 IN2 Motor steering control signal input 2
8 OUT2 Motor_
9 OUT1 Motor_-

Control Method

IN1 IN2 PWM OUT1, OUT2 Motor Behavior
0 0 x Stop
1 1 x Vacant
1 0 1 Forward 100%
0 1 1 Reverse 100%
1 0 PWM Forward at PWM speed
0 1 PWM Reverse at PWM speed

In this table


Here you will learn how to use PWM signal to control the motor through this motor driver, do some wiring according to the Connection Diagram below, and then upload the sample code below to the Arduino card, here we use a UNO as the controller, you could see your motor run forward for 3 second and then run reversely for another 3 seconds and repeat this behavior then.

This tutorial will cover how to use PWM to control a motor using the shield.


Connection Diagram

DRI0042 15A Single DC Motor Driver Connection Diagram DRI0042 15A Single DC Motor Driver Connection Diagram

Facility Safety and the Personal Safety: Please add a fuse@20A between the Power source and the module (9-36V). The 5VO port is for 5V output for other module, can NOT be used as Power_In.

Installation Tips The module needs a cooling system once your motor runs over 15 amps, like Electronics Blower Fan, Heatsink, etc. The backside of the driver, as right-hand picture shows, that its conducting layer can be very wide, so you should take some measurements to ensure it won't short-circuit, like applying 1mm layer conductive epoxy or any other similar materials.

Important: Pluggable Connector You may find that the connector is designed as pluggable type to adapt with Male or Female wires.

DRI0042 15A Single DC Motor Driver Pluggable Connector

Sample Code

* @file Motor driver DRI0042_Test.ino
* @brief DRI0042_Test.ino  Motor control program
* control motor positive inversion
* @author bernie.chen@dfrobot.com
* @version  V1.0
* @date  2016-8-10
const int IN1=5;
const int IN2=4;
const int PWM=6;

void setup() {
     pinMode(IN1, OUTPUT);
     pinMode(IN2, OUTPUT);
     pinMode(PWM, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
 Motor_Forward(200);//Forward, PWM setting 0-255
 Motor_Backward(200);//Reverse, PWM setting 0-255

void Motor_Forward(int Speed) {

void Motor_Backward(int Speed) {

void Motor_Brake(){


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