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Are you still distressed that industrial sensors can't be used on Arduino? You may need to get a converter just like this!

This 12V to 3.3V level converter module with 2/4-channel photoelectric isolation features common anode / common cathode / differential signal inputs. The level shifter translates signal level from 12V to 3.3V and offers PNP output (NPN to PNP). It can be used for signal isolation, PLC signal level conversion, NPN to PNP signal conversion, polarity conversion, signal level voltage conversion and so on.

warning_yellow.png NOTE: Module DC power supply positive equals to the signal output voltage, for example, 12 to 3.3V module, power input VCC=3.3V.



Board Overview



Connection Diagram

Connection of Single-channel common anode 3-wire sensor to the UNO board.

Sample Code

    int input_pin = 7;
    void setup()
      pinMode(input_pin, INPUT);
    //  pinMode(inpin, INPUT_PULLUP);//Input mode internal pull-up
    void loop()
       int reading = digitalRead (input_pin);

Expected Results

If the signal input is low level 0, open the UNO serial port, then you can see it stably outputs high level 1.

Schematic Diagram

warning_yellow.png NOTE: When other different voltages and levels are converted, the resistance values in the diagram are different.


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