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2x1.2A DC Motor Driver with Gravity Connector


This DFRobot micro dual way DC motor driver with Gravity connector. It is design based on TB6612FNG motor driver chip. It inherits DFRobot L298N motor control logic, which only need four pins to drive 2 motors. The Gravity connector version expands four GPIO with standard Gravity connector. Once you use the Gravity IO Expansion board, it will be quite convenient. TB6612FNG is a dual-channel full-bridge drive chip. The maximum continuous drive current of single channel can reach 1.2A, peak value 2A/3.2A (continuous pulse / single pulse) , which can drive some micro DC motors. The control logic is similar to L298n, and the code can be directly compatible with the DFROBOT L298N motor driver. Standard XH2.54 pin can be inserted directly into the breadboard. It is a good choice for DIY project or product developments. If you need some tiny module, you can also use the module separately.


Board Overview

2x1.2A DC Motor Driver (TB6612FNG) with Gravity Connector

Label Number Description
1 DIR1 M1 Direction Control
2 PWM1 M1 Speed control(PWM)
3 PWM2 M2 Speed control(PWM)
4 DIR2 M2 Direction Control
5 GND Negative power supply
6 VCC Power 3.3V-5V or IO port output high
7 M1 A Output 1
8 M1- A Output 2
9 M2 B Output 1
10 M2- B Output 2
11 VM- Negative power supply
12 VM Motor drive power 3.3V-12V


Connection Diagram

Arduino Connection

Sample Code

int PWM1 = 5;
int DIR1 = 4;
int PWM2 = 6;
int DIR2 = 7;
void setup()
  pinMode(DIR1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(DIR2, OUTPUT);
void loop()
  int value;
  for(value = 0 ; value <= 255; value =5)
    digitalWrite(DIR2, HIGH);
    analogWrite(PWM1, value);   //PWM Speed Control
    analogWrite(PWM2, value);   //PWM Speed Control


Two motor speeds change from 0 to maximum, cycle.


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