The Arduino Nano I/O Shield acts as a expansion board for the Arduino Nano and DFRduino Nano microcontrollers. There are several different options for power input. The form factor of the Nano I/O Shield board is the same as the Arduino UNO/ Arduino Leonardo. In addition, each pinout includes 5V and GND pins for easy connection to sensors or servos. This unit comes fully assembled. The board also has a space specifically for the DFRobot bluetooth module and ACP220 module. Several I2C pins are also exposed.


DFRduino Nano IO Shield V1.1

  1. APC/Bluetooth module serial jumper caps: When you make a program with Nano which is using Atmega328 chip, please remove the wireless device, or remove "TX" and "RX" jumper caps
  2. Nano Switch: The Nano shield is compatible with our Nano V3 and Nano V4. Since the difference the I2C interface, we add a switch on the shield, you could select the right board with the right I2C pins


There are three jumper caps on the shield (APC/Bluetooth module serial jumper caps).
When you want to power the shield with usb cable, please move 'GND' jumper cap to Servo power selection port.
When you want to use external servo power, please move the jumper cap back.
Or it will damage your microcontroller

Compatible List