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DF-Beacon EVB, as a test development main board of BLEmicro, is mainly used to develop and test BLEmicro Bluetooth module, and lead out all IO ports and other peripheral interfaces for the convenient debugging and development. Of course, it can be used independently and its functions are similar to BLE Link. Generally, out of the small size of BLEmicro, it is very difficult to solder outside devices on its body and supply power for it. But this BLEmicro is able to be debugged after combining with pin headers and connecting jumper wires, which is very convenient for you. The module can be powered by USB or button cells. When powered by button cells, it can be used as iBeacon. However, at present, DFRobot is unable to provide the corresponding App and software. Hereon, we warmly welcome any enthusiastic makers to help us to develop the related program. BLEmicro series, made by DFRobot, is Bluetooth 4.0 development kits specifically designed for professional developers. It is equipped with all the Bluetooth features of Bluno main controller, which can help the developers to achieve remarkable results. In addition, the latest firmware V1.8 is able to support the AT command operation and transparent transmission by serial port to switch the mode.



Android Devices

The module supports the devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3+:

Apple Devices

The module supports the devices with IOS 7.0+:


BLEMicro EVB Basic Demo

Tools required:

Update Firmware

The default firmware of BLEmicro EVB V2.0 is V 1.8+. Please refer to BLE Firmware Upgrade

AT Command

The usage of AT Command of BLEmicro EVB V2.0 is same as Bluno.

Mobile Communication

Bluetooth Connection


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