This reader module brings the benefits of bar code scanning to a variety of OEM devices, it is light, small and low-power. Now kiosks, medical instruments, diagnostic equipment, lottery terminals, vending machines and countless other appliances can all be equipped with the leading-edge scanning technology and reliability. This scanner module is a compact long-range CCD bar code scanning module with high sensitive liner image sensor and build in Auto-sense function, which can be used in your project to decode nearly any kind of 1D(striped) barcode.

NOTE: This wiki is just a very simple guide for you to start to use it. For more info please go to Document Section to download the official documents.



Pinout 1

Pinout 2

Pinout 3

Pinout 4

Trigger Button

When you press the Switch over 10us, it will read two-dimension code, until it reads success or you release the button.

Sample Code

  The sample code is used to read the barcode value using RS232-TTL Converter
  This Module will transmit the barcode value in ASCⅡ and end up with 0D
  VCC -- VCC
  GND -- GND

String code = "";           //initialize the output string
boolean endbit = 0;            //a flag to mark 0D received
char temp;

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);       //initialize the Serial port

void loop() {
  if (Serial.available() > 0)     {
    temp = char(;    //read the input data
    code += temp;
  if (temp == 0x0D){           // Or temp == '\r'
    code = "";
    endbit = 0;
    temp = 0;



Connection Scan a barcode

By using a RS232-TTL converter with the module and Arduino, and please upload the sketch above to Arduino card. Then you can open your serial monitor, choosing 9600bps, and then scan a barcode, you will see the barcode info in the serial monitor.

<File:DFR0314> CCD check serial monitor.png



For A1, please power it throught a USB cable

Q1. The board looks like that it does not operate (no lights come on and it draws no current).

A1. sorry that there was no LED as an power indicator on the module, but a buzzer which will make a sound when it gets powered on. And by pressing the yellow button, the camera will scan a barcode while making a sound and the camera will flash a red light.