Raspberry PI IO Expansion Board (DFR0604)

This is an IO add-on developed for raspberry PI. It provides digital port, analog port, I2C port, PWM port, UART port and SPI port.IO add-on is small in size and works best for Zero/Zero W. The expansion board IIC, UART, SPI interfaces and digital ports are derived from the I/O port on the raspberry PI.The Digital port is derived from GPIO16~GPIO25 (BCM code) of raspberry PI, which can be used directly.The PWM interface and analog port of the expansion board are derived from the onboard MCU STM32, which can communicate with Raspberry Pi through IIC.Therefore, combined with the library provided by us, Raspberry Pi can be easily used by users to control PWM output or read ADC input. Features: Small volume

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Raspberry PI 4B/3B+ IO expansion Board (DFR0566)

IO Expansion HAT is a specially designed for the development of the Raspberry Pi IO Expansion board, extending plate will raspberries pie IO mouth all leads, containing digital port, analog ports, PWM port, port, UART ports, SPI ports, IIC IIS port, perfectly compatible with DFRobot Gravity sensor series products, for the use of Raspberry pie save tedious wiring and troubleshooting, lets the student, developers, and researchers can focus to achieve your project. Features: Complete pins

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