Raspberry PI 4B shell

  1. Raspberry PI Generation 4 Metal Case (Dual Fan) (FIT0650)

Image after installation

  1. Raspberry PI Type 4 B Metal Shell (FIT0646)

This carefully polished metal case is specially designed for type B raspberry PI 4. The case is made of aluminum alloy, light in weight but high in strength, with excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, providing perfect protection for the motherboard.Anodic oxidation process is adopted on the metal surface, which makes the texture more prominent both visually and tactile.The case retains all the peripherals for easy access to the camera, GPIO port, mouse, keyboard and display, and has screw holes at the bottom for easy access to the wall.

Install the tutorial

A cooling fan

Heat sinks

Compared with PI3, the new PI4 has less heat dissipation and smaller size. Besides, the surrounding components are more worried about short circuit, so it is not recommended to use heat sink for the network card.The newly introduced high-speed USB3.0 management chip has high calorific value and is close to CPU and memory. It is recommended to stick the heat sink as a whole for heat dissipation.