2.4g Wireless Keyboard and mouse (DFR0330)

Product introduction

Note: This product is equipped with Bl-4C rechargeable lithium battery for Nokia mobile phones. The battery can be changed freely.So it can't be shipped by air.If not, we will take out the batteries and airlift them.

The ergonomically designed keyboard and mouse are integrated into a palm-sized space, allowing you to remotely control devices like your raspberry pie anytime, anywhere

Four Highlights:

Larger trackpad, unique double mouse button design, more convenient operation

Adjustable mouse speed, two speed adjustable

Bl-4c nokia mobile Phone rechargeable lithium battery, free to replace the battery

Palm-sized game keyboard, streamlined design

Technical specifications

Size: 146.8X 97.5X 19MM thick (super mini, palm size)

Color: white, black

It can connect desktop, laptop, car TV, HTPC, big screen TV, smart TV, hard disk player, Web player, X-Box 360, PS3

QWERTY keyboard, as many as 92 keys

Larger trackpad with unique dual mouse keys

Innovative full-screen scrolling, perfect experience (Fn+Touchpad)

Replaceable polymer lithium battery, rechargeable, safe and durable, universal Nokia BL-4C battery

Adopt environmental protection material, whole process is lead-free, conform to ROHS standard 6

Unique hotkey design makes it easier to use