Gerber output instructions for EAGLE

Gerber output process is:

1. from Board program, choose <File:Run> and select drillcfg.ulp script. In dialog, choose inches as output format. This generates the following file:

.drl drill tool size information

2. from Board program, choose <File:CAM> Processor. In CAM Processor, choose <File:Open:Job> and select EXCELLON. Run the job, and two files, ".drd" and ".dri" will be generated

.drd job drill data

.dri general drill information (not needed for PCB mfg)

3. In CAM Processor, choose <File:Open:Job> and choose "gerb274x_fred". Now click Process Job. This will generate the following files:

.cmp component side artwork .sol solder side artwork .stc component side solder mask ("stop") .sts solder side solder mask .spc component side solder paste stencil .plc component side silkscreen ("placement")

.gpi general board information (not needed for PCB mfg)

4. Preview everything in GCPREVUE.

Import: (a) all files from Step 4 except the .gpi file, and (b) the .drd file. You will have to manually type the drill info from .drl into the Drill Rack of GCPREVUE to get the drill sizes into the program.

Source: UML