1. You need to use a DFRobot robotic platform:

Links for some suggested platforms: (NOTE: the competition has been extended to any DFRobot robotic platform)

  1. Make your own robot using the included parts and any other items (sensors, motors, costumes, etc...) you might want to add.
  2. Make it look good, and most important, have fun!
  3. Deadline: February 15th 2012

warning_yellow.png NOTE: If you already have the 4WD platform you may also participate!

Manual for our Chirstmas Rover special: Manual

How the winner will be determined

The winner will be determined by the community. People will be able to vote on their favorite robot until February 25th 2012. The winner will be announced on February 26th 2012. The robots with the most votes will win a coupon. See below for prices.


Where to submit your entry robot

Forum Poll

Video of our Christmas Rover