DSS-M15S servos have been well received by customers in these years. It has extremely wide angle control range, huge load capacity and excellent quality. This DSS-M15S with analog feedback has broken its internal potentiometer signal. This is an analog signal with 0~3.3V feedback. You can connect it to MCU to realize close-loop feedback control.

DSS-M15S 270° Metal servo with feedback is compatible with Arduino Servo library. You can drive it with Arduino Board and read the angle value from analog side.


Servo Overview

DSS-M15S 270° 15KG DF Metal Servo with Analog Feedback

Num Label Description
2 VCC 4.8~7.2V
3 INPUT PPM Signal
4 OUTPUT Analog feedback

Relationship between Angle & Analog value

SER0044 Servo

Formula: Actual angle = Analog value degree *0.47-33.4

Before Usage

There will be some error between each servos. If you want to use the servos with scenes that require precise control, you can calibrate them separately. A quick three-point calibration method is provided here:

The following formula gives the relationship between Analog value & Angle:

If you doesn't need such accurate value, you can use m=0.47;n=-33.4 directly.



Connection Diagram

SER0044 Arduino Connection

Sample Code

void setup()
    Serial.begin(9600);//Set Baud Rate to 9600 bps

void loop()
    uint16_t val;
    double dat;
    val=analogRead(A0);//Connect Analog pin to A0
    dat = (double) val * 0.47-33.4;
    Serial.print("Position:"); //Display the position on Serial monitor

Expected Results

Arduino will drive the servo with D9 pin, and receive the Analog feedback from A0 port.


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SER0044 Dimension

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