This is an anti-rust, robust and precise SHT20 sensor, which can master both enterprise-class and industrial-level applications. It can be applied in various fields: telepoint base stations, electronic control cabinet, production sites, storehouses, machine rooms, greenhouses, animal farming, medicine stock and etc. Metallic package enables it to deal with the very dusty or other severe circumstance. the wall-hanging style makes it easy to install.

The metallic mesh covering the sensor adopts method of infiltering copper during sintering to enhance the temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and wearing resistance of it. The 2-wire serial interface and internal voltage regulation allows for easy and fast system integration. Moreover, it's Arduino compatible and we supply a simple to use library for it.



Connecting diagram

warning_yellow.png NOTE: The line to the ground is blue instead of black.

Sample Code

Download the DFRobot Arduino SHT20 library

How to install Libraries in Arduino IDE

 * @file  DFRobot_SHT20_test.ino
 * @brief DFRobot's SHT20 Humidity And Temperature Sensor Module
 * @n     This example demonstrates how to read the user registers to display resolution and other settings.
 *        Uses the SHT20 library to display the current humidity and temperature.
 *        Open serial monitor at 9600 baud to see readings.
 *        Errors 998 if not sensor is detected. Error 999 if CRC is bad.
 * Hardware Connections:
 * -VCC = 3.3V
 * -GND = GND
 * -SDA = A4 (use inline 330 ohm resistor if your board is 5V)
 * -SCL = A5 (use inline 330 ohm resistor if your board is 5V)

#include <Wire.h>
#include "DFRobot_SHT20.h"

DFRobot_SHT20    sht20;

void setup()
    Serial.println("SHT20 Example!");
    sht20.initSHT20();                                  // Init SHT20 Sensor
    sht20.checkSHT20();                                 // Check SHT20 Sensor

void loop()
    float humd = sht20.readHumidity();                  // Read Humidity
    float temp = sht20.readTemperature();               // Read Temperature
    Serial.print(" Temperature:");
    Serial.print(temp, 1);
    Serial.print(" Humidity:");
    Serial.print(humd, 1);

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