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F1031V Mass Air Flow Sensor adopts thermodynamic principle to detect flow rate of gas medium in the flow channel, with high precision and good repeatability. It comes with built-in temperature sensor to provide temperature compensation for measured data. Meanwhile, the sensor has liner analog voltage output, easy to use. It can be used in applications like ventilator, air purifiers, etc.




Measuring Range:150SLM (SLM: standard litre per minute. Standard-state: 20℃ gas temperature and 101.325 kPa gas pressure)

Min Typical Max Unit
Full Scale Output 4.34 4.5 4.66 V
Zero Output 0.45 0.5 0.55 V
Operating Current - 25 - mA
Accuracy - ±2.5 ±4 %F.S
Repeatability - ±0.5 ±1 %F.S
Output Drift - 0.12 - %/℃
Resistance - 120 - Pa/60SLM
Response Time - 50 - ms
Working Temp -25 - 65


Num Name(Color) Function
1 GND(black/grey) Negative
2 VCC(red) Positive
3 OUT(yellow) Analog Output


warning_yellow.png NOTE

  1. It is forbidden to use the sensor in the environment with strong corrosive gas, toxic gas or explosive gas.

  2. Dirt in the gas flow medium will reduce the sensor's service life, so it is recommended to install a 5-micron precision filter at the sensor inlet.

  3. When contacting with water or being immersed in water, the sensor may be damaged or the sensitivity of sensor will decline.

  4. Pay attention to the polarity of power in case of burning the internal circuit.


    • Hardware
      • 1 x Arduino UNO board
      • 1 x F1031V Air Flow Sensor
      • Wires
    • Software

Connection Diagram


Sample Code 1 - Get Air Flow

Upload the codes to UNO, then open the serial monitor to check the gas flow.

Real flow = Range *( sensor output voltage - sensor zero output voltage) /(Sensor full scale output voltage - sensor zero output voltage)

warning_yellow.png NOTE: please change the appropriate reference voltage according to mainboard.

#define RANGE              150    //Measurement Range
#define ZEROVOLTAGE        0.5    //Zero Voltage 
#define FULLRANGEVOLTAGE   4.5    //Full scale voltage
#define VREF               5      //Reference voltage

int sensorPin = A0;    // select the input pin for the air meter
float sensorValue = 0;
void setup() {

void loop() {
  // read the value from the sensor:
  sensorValue = analogRead(sensorPin)*VREF;
  sensorValue = sensorValue / 1024;
  Serial.println(" SLM");


SEN0360 Result1


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