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1. Introduction

Gravity: Digital 16A Relay Module is a plug-and-play 16A high-power relay module with a standard Gravity Digital 3P interface, specially designed for 3.3V / 5V dev boards, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, etc. The module is suitable for controlling household high-power appliances such as air conditioners, induction cookers, electric heaters, and hair dryers.

Compared to V1.0, the V2.0 targets at improving safety and reliability. The dashed thickened solder design on the bottom of the module effectively improves the current passing capacity and heat dissipation, which makes it more reliable. An U shape slotting enhances the isolation of strong and weak electricity parts. To prevent users from accidentally getting electric shock, the bottom of the module is protected by a transparent acrylic plate (needs to be assembled manually). The on-board LED indicator makes the ON/OFF status crystal clear.

2. Features

3. Applications

4. Specifications

5. Board Overview

No. Label Description
1 D Digital input.
High level (3.0V or above), relay ON (COM connects to NO, disconnects from NC);
Low level (0.9V or below) relay OFF (COM connects to NC, disconnects from NO)
2 + Power positive(3.3~5.5V)
3 - Power negative
4 NC Normal Close
5 COM Common
6 NO Normal Open
7 LED Relay status indicator (RED)
ON: COM connects to NO
OFF: COM connects to NC

6. Assembly Instructions

7. Arduino Tutorial

7.1 Requirements

7.2 Connection Diagram

7.3 Example Codes

Controlling the relay ON or OFF


8. Application Examples

Use the relay to control DC or AC load The relay can be used to control AC or DC load. For common scenarios such as lighting control, motor control, household appliances, the relay initial state is OFF. Connect the module, AC or DC power and the load as follow. When the digital input (D) is LOW Level, the load is powered off. When the digital input (D) is HIGH Level, the load is powered on.

9. FAQ

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