Gravity: Active Isolated RS485 to UART Signal Converter


This active, isolated RS485 to UART signal transfer module comes with protection circuits such as power isolation and TVS. Compatible with most main controllers, it has the characteristics of fast communication speed, stable and reliable performance, high safety, etc., and can be applied to various industrial sensors, industrial control equipment or applications that require RS485 signal conversion.



Board Overview

[DFR0845 Gravity: Active Isolated RS485 to UART Signal Converter]()


Label Name Function description
1 T UART data transmission-TX
2 R UART data reception-RX
3 - GND power supply negative
4 + VCC power supply positive


Label Name Function description
1 12V 12V-2W output, connect to 485 device
2 GND RS485 side isolated ground, connected to 485 device's GND
3 A RS485 signal terminal A
4 B RS485 signal terminal B


Label Name Function description
1 12V 12V external power input
2 GND External power supply GND


Use Gravity: Active Isolated RS485 to UART Signal Adapter Module to connect the RS485 device and the Arduino Leonardo main control, and test the transceiver function of the device through the serial monitor.



Use serial port to read sensor data

Connection Diagram

Sample code

void setup() {
//Communicate with PC through USB to UART, use Serial to call
//Use Serial1 to call the serial UART of TXD and RXD marked on the development board

void loop() {
  if (Serial.available()) 
  if (Serial1.available())

Expected Results

Open the SSCOM32 serial port data debugger, send the Hex command, and get the data feedback.


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