The new IO Expansion Shield V7 has arrived, and comes the best selling family of IO expansion shield for Arduino. For the past few years these expansion shields have been aiding thousands of makers to create,to expand, to share their sparkles of idea and ingenuity, and now comes the young V7.

The new IO Expansion Shield V7 not only inherits it's predecessors advantages, but also enjoys numerous new features:


Digital Sensor

Digital Sensor

Analog Sensor

Analog Sensor

Wireless Modules

APC220/Bluetooth socket

Bee/XBee Bluetooth socket


IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V7_Pinout

Introduction for Digital pins


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Schematic Note: The lables on the shield are different within the schematic more or less, but you can pay attention to these items to help you understand it better: SERVO_PWR - PWR_VIN or PWR_IN - Vin

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