The Laser Projection Keyboard Kit is based on the open-source laser keyboard project designed by RoboPeak Team. After a few quick and simple assembly and calibration process, your laser projection keyboard is ready to work! The laser keyboard works just like a standard keyboard on your PC/MAC with the help of the related signal processing software designed by RoboPeak. The signal processing software also supports turning your laser keyboard kit into a multi-touch pad. As an open-source project, you can freely make any changes/improvement to the current design and go through the implementation detail of the kit.

The Laser Projection Keyboard kit contains the following 3 major key parts: an infrared light camera, a keyboard pattern projector and a linear laser. Laser1.png The keyboard pattern projector displays a virtual keyboard pattern on a flat surface, such as a desktop surface. When a user touches virtual keys using his/her fingers, the top of fingers will be illuminated by the lighting plane created by the linear laser. Since the infrared light is used, the user won’t notice his/her fingers are illuminated. Detect the position of the fingers using triangulation The infrared light camera captures the images of the illuminated fingers, and sends the images to the signal processing software. The position of the illuminated fingers is detected and localized by the software, and it will be transformed to the related key input events. Mapping the desktop based finger position P(x,y) to the keyboard layout based coordination and generating key events



NOTE:Your laser projection keyboard kit needs to be assembled before you can use it. This manual will provide you the instructions to assemble the RoboPeak laser project keyboard kit quickly and easily. For more assembly details, please refer toLaserProjectionKeyboardKit-Assembly


Note:You need to assemble and calibrate the kit first to make the kit work.

1 Basic calibration process

Power-on Check:Connect the assembled kit with your computer using a USB cable. You should see the keyboard pattern projected on your desktop: Laser5.png

Connect with the software(driver)

Laser6.png Do not close this window. You will need its help in the following calibration process.

Tuning the parts(optional):

You may need to tune the following parts: – The direction and heading of the linear laser – The focus of the IR camera Laser7.jpg


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