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This is a Type-C Lipo charger designed for single-cell 3.7V lithium battery. The compact size makes it easy to integrate into your applications. The charger adopts TP4056X lithium battery charging IC, which guarantees you quick and safe charging, and also you can easily switch between 3 output currents (the default output current is 50mA) by selecting different bonding pads on the back. The thermal feedback inside the TP4056X can automatically adjust the charging current to limit the chip temperature under high power operation or high ambient temperature conditions.
Plug this charger into power source via its Type-C port, the LED on the charger will flash when no battery is not connected; keep on when charging and go off when the battery is fully charged. So, this LED will consume nothing of your battery. Besides, you can also connect an external indicator, which allows you to easily check the charging status when this module is integrated into your projects.
There are 3 charging stages provided: trickle charge, constant current charge and constant voltage charge, which guarantee the safety and save the charging time.

warning_yellow.png NOTE: Low current mode can be used to charge a large capacity battery but high current mode cannot be used to charge a small capacity battery. The battery may explode if the charging current is too high.

Battery Capacity Recommended Current
100-400mAh 50mA
400-1000mAh 200mA
1000mAh above 500mA






The wiring diagram


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