Makecode Get-started Tutorial

Enter the Makecode Programming Environment

Click the link to enter the Makecode online programming environment: (The loading speed may be a little bit slow for the first time, please wait patiently.)

Makecode Interface

It has several features, the most prominent being the central button that allows you to switch between Blocks and JavaScripts editors.

The simulator runs automatically after you have made a change to your program. Buttons under the simulator allow you to stop/start program execution and control other aspects of the simulator.

This is where you can find different categories of programming blocks.

Construct/edit your programming.

It most prominently features a Download button, which you use to compile a program to a file for copying to the micro:bit.

Programme and Download the Graphical Codes

Step 1. Drag and snap the graphical blocks as the way shown in picture below.

Graphical Programming

Step 2. Connect the micro:bit and your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3. Download the program.

Download Prorgam

Click "download", select a driver disk named "MICROBIT" and downlod the program into it. The micro:bit LED will keep blinking in downloading, and please do not disconnect the USB. The download will be done after 1 or 2 seconds when the LED turns off.

Step 4. Check the Result

Result: the micro:bit LED panel constantly displays the word "hello".

Swtich the Interface Language

Step 1. Click the setting button at the right-upper corner.

Click Setting

Step 2. Select "Language" in the drop-down menu.

Select Language

Step 3. Choose the language you need in the pop-up box.

Choose the language you want

Add Software Library

Click Advanced->Extensions.

Add Software Library

Copy the library address:

Paste the address into the search bar, and search.


Click the result you got.

Click the result

Load the library, wait for a while then you will see your library is displayed in the module list.

Result 1

Result 2


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