Bothered with the conflict of I/O pins when using shields with the Mega board during a project? Find it hard to take good advantage of the mega I/O pins? Try the Mega I/O multi-expansion shield to help solving the problem.

Mega I/O multi-expansion shield means that you can plug 4 different shields at same time. All I/O pins of the Mega board are expanded so that you can plug 4 shields at most, and worry not any more about the I/O conflict. Whatsmore, it makes your project clean & tidy with the cables be arranged in order . Expand your project idea with Mega I/O multi-expansion shield


Board Overview



Here is some example for reference

A drafting instrument or a 3D printer

  1. A mega board (1280/2560/ADK)

  2. Dual Bipolar Stepper Motor Shield for Arduino (A4988)

  3. LCD12864 Shield for Arduino

  4. A Power Shield (Arduino Compatible)

  5. A mega multi-expansion shield

    A drafting instrument or a 3D printer

    A 4WD robotic platform

  6. A mega board (1280/2560/ADK)

  7. 2A Motor Shield For Arduino x2

  8. A Graphic LCD4884 Shield For Arduino

  9. A Xbee Shield For Arduino

  10. A mega multi-expansion shield

A 4WD robotic platform

A simple smart home care robot

  1. A mega board (1280/2560/ADK)
  2. A LCD Keypad Shield For Arduino
  3. DFRduino Ethernet Shield (Support Mega and Micro SD)
  4. A Relay Shield for Arduino
  5. A mega multi-expansion shield
  6. A light sensor and a humidity & temperature sensor


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