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micro: breadboard is a micro:bit-based expansion board specially designed for STEM-starter. It comes with a 3.23 * 2.17” breadboard(independent part, stick by yourself), on which we can directly build circuit with all sorts of electronic components.

All IO ports are led out in the form of pin header and female header, plug and play, easy to use, and no soldering any more. The electronic parts can be used repeatedly, which greatly reduces the circuit building time. The board has on-board AB buttons, PWR indicator, and independent power switch.

This micro:breadboard is especially suitable for building and debuging circuits. what's more, it can be used in the micro:bit-based applications like, light control lamp, smart door bell, temperature alarm etc.


Board Overview


Programming in Mind+

Operation Steps:

  1. Download and install Mind+ Software
  2. Install the driver. (Refer to the built-in tutorials in mind+)
  3. Click "Code" at the top right corner to switch to "code mode"
  4. Drag and combine blocks to code; Connect micro:bit to the computer with USB
  5. Select the related COM port in "Connect Device" Drop-down box; Click "Upload".

Programming in Makecode

Click to enter makecode online programming environment: https://makecode.microbit.org/

Contol LED light with button A/B

Security Alarm

Lighting Console

Breathing light


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