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This Gravity Expansion Board, specifically designed for Raspberry Pi Pico, is compatible with a variety of Gravity sensors and modules. With all pins led out, you can directly use it without soldering. Additionally, the board offers various communication ports including, 2 x I2C, 2 x UART, 2 x SPI, 3 x analog IOs and 13 x digital IOs as well as a 3.3~5.5V power connector and GDI port, which provides you with an easier way to prototype.



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Function Description

Digital Port

The IO expansion shield provides 13 groups of digital ports including GP2, GP3, and GP12~22.

Analog Port

The IO expansion shield provides 3 groups of analog ports including GP26~28

I2C Port

The IO expansion shield provides 2 groups of independent I2C ports.


The IO expansion shield provides 2 groups of independent UART ports.

SPI Port

IO expansion shield provides 2 groups of SPI ports.

GDI Port

The IO expansion board contains an GDI port(connecting with 18pin-FPC cable) for DFRobot-dedicated displays, providing you with an easy way to use screens.


FPC PINS Pico Description
VCC 3V3 3.3V
BLK(PWM) GP2 Backlit
SCLK GP18 SPI clock
MOSI GP19 Master output, slave input
MISO GP16 Master input, slave output
DC GP3 Data/Command
RES GP17 Reset
CS GP7 TFT chip-select
SDCS GP10 SD card chip-select
FCS GP11 Font library
TCS GP5 Touch
SCL GP4 I2C clock
SDA GP20 I2C data
BUSY-TE GP22 Tear-proof pin
X1 GP0 User-defined pin 1
X2 GP1 User-defined pin 2


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