RLY-8 is a USB relay control module. You can control household appliances through USB wire. And with 8 relays, you could do some interesting project like power centralized management,romeot control, automatic production and so on. Note:When connect with HIGH-voltage, be aware of the wiring in case of Short-circuit causing damage to the devices as well as Personal Injury.


How To Use

Here, with a USB cable, you will learn how to use DRI0291.It's very easy, let's get start.

Device list

Hardware device list

  1. RLY-8 Relay Controller-USB x1
  2. USB-B cable x1
  3. 7.5V power adapter x1

Software list

  1. Computer software
  2. USB virtual serial driver

Connection Diagram


Device Instructions

1_ Install the USB virtual serial driver. install_driver1.png install_driver2.png install_driver3.png

2) Open “Enternet_Com_Relay.exe” PC software, and select the right Serial port ID and Baud rate (Default:1200).


3) Open the serial port and input relay address (Default: 0x11). Click “Read the relay status”.


4)Click “Open” and “Close” to control relay.



Here, I connect two LEDs to test, you can connect other devices. first_dri0291with_2led.png

Change Device Address

1_ Input old address (Default: 0x11) or broadcast address(0xAB).


2) Input new address(0x11~0x7F) in the blank, and click “Set address”.


Change Device Baud rate

1_ Select right baud rate and click “Set baud rate”(Default:1200).


Factory Reset

There is a reset button on the device, please hold it for 2 seconds, until the Led begin flashing, it will back to the default setting. And you could connect it with the default baud rate and address.


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