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This is a 20W DC-DC buck converter power module with 7~24V input and 5V/4A output(Max). The high conversion efficiency and on-board 6 output ports make it suitable for connecting multiple devices like, large current servos, programmable LED strip, etc.

The module integrates durable ceramic chip capacitors of large capacity on the ports and large inductor that can reduce heat generation. It is ideal for power supply scenarios like mechanical arm, servo robot, and programmable RGB LED strip, etc.



Board Overview

Board Overview

Num Label Description
1 IN- Input -
2 IN+ Input +
3 OUT- Output -
4 OUT+ Output +
6 5V Output
7 S Servo controlling signal





Connection Diagram

Connecting with 5V RGB LED Strip

Note: The method below only suits the situation that higher brightness is required or multiple LED strip lights need to be cascaded. For low-current modules, there is no need to connect this buck converter since Arduino UNO can directly supply power for them.

Connection 5V LED strip

Connecting with servo

Note: The port S of the converter can connects 6 servos.

Connection Servo


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