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This dual-resolution 3D ToF depth camera is equipped with a ToF image sensor with a resolution of 640*480 and uses ToF technology to capture three-dimensional information of objects and space. It can accurately measure distances up to 5m while consuming an average of only 1.2W of power. This makes it a convenient and efficient tool for 3D perception applications.
The sensor is compact and lightweight, and compatible with multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, ROS, and Android. It is powered and outputs phase information through a Type C interface. And users can obtain depth, point cloud, and other data via the SDK. This sensor is widely used in various applications such as robot SLAM, volume measurement, face recognition, somatosensory interaction, 3D modeling, security monitoring, and people counting.
Compared to 3D structured-light cameras, ToF depth cameras offer several advantages, such as a small blind spot, linearly related measurement errors that are not affected by distance or scene texture, fast imaging speed, and strong environmental adaptability. Many commercially available ToF depth cameras are currently afflicted by relatively high costs and limited depth resolution, which can lead to less precise depth information capture. But this cost-effective camera sensor not only has excellent 3D imaging capabilities but also achieves millimeter-level measurement accuracy.



Product Overview





This sensor features a high resolution of 640*480 and is primarily designed for measuring static objects such as volume. If there is a need for dynamic scene usage, such as people counting, please leave a message on our product page. Depending on the demand, we will consider introducing an upgraded high-speed no-drag version and provide some example demos.

GUI & SDK Documents

GUI Upper Computer

Volume Measurement


Tested 3D Point Cloud Effect

3D Point Cloud Images for Resolution Comparison

Close-up View of 3D Point Cloud Image (640*480)

3D Point Cloud Image in Dark Environment (Drawer)

System Architecture



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