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Still make do with the hard and thick shielded twisted pair for remote signal-transmitting? And even drop the baud rate again and again just for transmission stability? Now get rid of these problems by using this Gravity: UART Fiber Optic Transceiver Module from DFRobot! With complete electrical isolation for preventing electromagnetic interference, this module runs at 2000000 baud at any time within a distance of up to 10km. Besides, it features lightning protection and can share cable trunking with strong power. Also, users can use it with a passive optical splitter to realize one-to-many star networking. Two transceiver modules for only half the price of shielded twisted pair can provide users with long-distance & interference-free fiber optic communication, good value for money!


The optical transceiver module emits an invisible infrared laser of 1310nm, but looking directly at the laser will cause damage to the eyes.

Don't look at the laser emitter when powered on, and it is recommended to plug in the fiber before powering on.


Interface & Pin


Name Description
Gravity: UART UART interface, connect to MCU or sensor
PWR LED Power indicator, turns ON when powered on
SD LED Indicator for optical fiber disconnection, which lights up when the fiber optic disconnection is detected
TX LED Indicator for fiber optic transmitting, which blinks when transmitting signal
RX LED Indicator for fiber optic receiving, which blinks when receiving signal
SC Fiber Optic Interface Connect to SC fiber optic interface

SD LED can not show all the fiber disconnections or unstable transmissions. Please use a red pen, optical power meter and other tools to check error when a connection problem occurs.


Hardware Preparation

To build a fiber optic communication system, the following hardwares are required

Wiring Instructions

For example, connect the MCU to a long-range sensor using the fiber optic module

Note: The pins TX and RX both in the UART connection of the fiber optic module and a device and the connection between fiber optic modules should be cross-connected, that is, RX to TX and TX to RX, otherwise the data can't be transferred normally.

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