Raspberry PI powered

Two power supply methods for Raspberry Pi development board:

1) Use Type-C power supply: The parameter requirement of the power head is 5V, 3A.

Recommendation: FIT0640

2) Use POE power supply: You need to purchase a POE hat separately, and you can use the network cable POE power supply after connection. (No relevant technical support is provided for the time being)

Start the Raspberry Pi (example with Type-C power supply)

Note: Reverse connection of the micro HDMI cable will damage the micro HDMI head! ! ! Be careful when connecting! ! !

After programming, insert the MicroSD card directly into the MicroSD card slot of the Raspberry Pi. In addition, we need to connect the Raspberry Pi to the display, plug in the power supply, mouse, and keyboard, and finally power on to enter the Raspberry Pi system.

Under normal circumstances, the red power light is always on, and the green signal light flashes irregularly. If the red light occasionally goes out, it may be due to insufficient power supply, as long as the system can enter normally.