This 2-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit is based on the opensource 2-wheel balancing algorithm which is transplanted to the Arduino platform. They key comonents of this self-balancing robot are an DFRduino Uno, a 6 DOF IMU shield, 2 12V DC motors, 4 analog rotation sensors and a dual motor driver. The custom-made acrylic case is easy to assemble, solid enought for strutting and motion. It's egg-shaped outfit is definitely an eye-catching chic minibot, at the same time allowing extra areas for your own modules and add-ons. Through assembling this 2-Wheel Balancing Robot, the user will not only learn the 2-wheel self-balancing programming with Arduino, but also explore more cool possibilities with other modules on this platform, for example, RC control via Xbee, Blutooth communication via Bluno board.

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If you find the robot can not keep balance use the main code, maybe the reason is the voltage of your battery. Then you can follow the following step to adjust your robot.

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2-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit

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