URM37 V5.0 is a powerful ultrasonic sensor mudule with bulit-in temperature compensation to ensure accurate distance measurement in the scene of temperature-changing applications. It has rich interface, and integrated with the functions of switching, serial (TTL and RS232 level optional), pulse width output, analog output and so on. The module can be used to measure the distance of servo angle drive. Connected with an external servo, it changes into a spatial ultrasonic scanner. URM37 has been on the market for many years and plays an important role in various fields, and we are constantly optimizing and improving it. The mechanical size, pin interface and communication commands of this Version(V5.0) are compatible with older versions. Based on the old version, the following improvements have been made:


Operating Voltage: 3.3V~ 5.5V Operating Current: <20mA Working temperature: -10℃~ 70℃ Detecting range: 5cm-500cm Resolution: 1cm Interface: RS232 (TTL), PWM Size: 22mm × 51 mm Weight: 25g