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As computing terminal expanded gradually from the desktop to the portable handheld device, we have witnessed the rapid development of smart phones. The complex operating system also gradually get rid of the bloated body to be ported into MiniPC from PC including RaspberryPi, Cubieboard, the rounter embeded with OpenWrt, etc. Those become compact and easy to carry embedded platform with majority has Ghz level of the CPU.

Like MiniPC, with a compact system but containing considerable computing resources, becomes the computing solutions the various enthusiasts and many open source hardware vendors have been dreaming of for some time. However, some interactions like debugging or displaying for MiniPC still need those bulky HDMI monitor or even TV.

In order to allow the device having same portability and saving power, this portable USB monitor with touch screen (RPUSBDisp) is proudly released. It is designed specifically for MiniPC with same size of business card, and just requires a USB cable to make it work without additional power supply.


Extensive Device Support You could leverage it as a display to present most of embedded development board on the current market (such as RaspberryPi, Cubieboard, etc.). Benefit from USB interface that provides opportunity for those devices that cannot connect with monitor for display in the past like Router. In addition, we support Arduino Yun and Intel Galileo Developer Edition! Standard Device Interface With the drivers developed by RoboPeak, RPUSBDisp can be identified as a standard display and touch-screen device by target operating system, that means any existing graphical interface program can be displayed without any modification. Open Source Brings More Possibilities As an open source project, we provide its schematics, communication protocols, Linux kernel driver code and so on. That helps you create more creation easily based on this module. Note: Any problem or suggestion on this product, please feel free to contact with

(robopeak official email address: support@robopeak.com)

Improvement List


Supported Hardware Platforms

It can support any computing devices having USB Host communication functionality to act as a standard display or touch screen devices. You only need to add the corresponding driver. For the majority of embedded devices installing Linux OS, we offer open source kernel driver

Revision History

V2 (2014, May)

- New LCD, color range is improved - Added support for Galileo, Itead, Arduino Yun, WR703, and Cubieboard 2 - Compatible with V1 - New Firmware, Improve touch sensitivity and boost frame rate supporting data compression.

V1 (2013, December)

- Touch LCD with support for RPi, Cubieboard and PCduino

Version History

Digital Push Button V1


If you are having issues after installing the driver and using HDMI or other video ouput, please check the documentation and user manuals. The main desktop video output is transfered to the usb driver, therefore you will need to configure it back to your video port or start another desktop on the video port. At last, you could also email to official techsupport group support@robopeak.com

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