This is an easy to use and powerful wifi shield for Arduino. It converts standard serial data to TCP stack.

Pin Allocation

Pin Function
Digital 0 RX
Digital 1 TX

"Wifi Shield"

Shield diagram

Use instruction

For a step by step walkthrough with pictures and screenshots please see the community tutorial

The wifi shield is actually quite straight away. You can take it as a serial communication device. For arduino code, you only need the following code:


However, before making it work, you need to configure the wifi as standard wifi device. Please take a look at the manual of how to set it up.


The easiest way to set it up is using standard Ethernet cable.

1_ Connect the wifi shield (plug on the Arduino and powered) to the HUB/Router or PC by using a network cable

2)Make sure your router IP address is something like 192.168.1.x. As the default IP address of WIFI is

The default IP address of WIZ610wi is “”. Your PC’s IP address should start with these three sets of numbers “192.168.1.XXX”. �WIZ610wi and PC can be connected through wireless network. Connect to WIZ610wi from WIZ610wi and PC can be connected through wireless network. Connect to WIZ610wi from PC by using default SSID “WLANAP”

3_ Open a web browser on your PC and input “”, the default IP address of WIZ610wi.

4_ A pop up will request you to input your User ID and Password. Default User ID : admin Password : admin

5_ And you can follow the instruction on the manual from page 35.

6_ You need to set the wifi shield to Client Mode. In this mode, your device act as a client. If you configure PC or application device as DHCP client, Access Point will be the DCHP Server and WIZ610wi doesn’t act as DHCP Server.

7_ Input all information that needed to connect to your wireless router such as SSID, password, etc.

8_ Then configure your serial setting. Please refer page 37 of the manual. The configuration depends on your application.

9_ Restart the wifi shield. And your arduino code can send or receive data as a serial port.

Known Issues

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