XBee USB Adapter V2 - Atmega8U2


The XBee USB Adapter V2 is an update version from DFRobot. It features an Atmega8U2 programmed as a USB-to-serial converter, the same chip found on the Arduino Uno. The Atmega8U2 firmware uses the standard USB COM drivers, and no external driver is needed. However, on Windows, a .inf file is required. It's compatible with all the products using XBee socket. It provides a faster, stable wireless communication for your project. The DFRobot Xbee USB adapter V2 is used for the XBee module configuration parameters to facilitate or to use as a wireless data transmission. It can be easily connected to a PC via mini USB cable. Further, it has XBee-setting support software X-CTU. It can also be used as a USB-TTL adapter.


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