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The Study Pack of HUSKYLENS for micro:bit is an HuskyLens extension kit based on micro:bit programming. It is suitable for students aged 8-19. Centered around AI image recognition, the kit is equipped with 7 external modules and 28 cards that are applicable to teaching scenarios.
Focusing on computer science, the tutorial provided for this kit aims to help students learn knowledge related to AI image recognition in an enjoyable and engaging way. In the tutorial, they will explore how the image recognition technology is applied to real-life through projects like face unlocking, AI camera, pet feeding, self-service charging, scanning code payment, target tracking, etc. And each project comes with corresponding teaching cards to help them get started easily.


3.Projects introduction and tutorial contents

Name Description
Used function: Single facial recognition function

Project Description:If HUSKYLENS detects that faces learned before are in the screen, it will play the music Jingle Bells. If not, it will play the music Little Star.
Used function:More than one faces recognition function

Project Description:If HUSKYLENS detects the face belongs to family members, the door will be opened. If not, it will be closed.
Used Function:Color recognition function

Project Description:As each color corresponds to a note, HUSKYLENS will emit different notes according to the color detected by itself.
Used Function:Object recognition function

Project Description:If HUSKYLENS detects a cat, the feeder will deliver cat food; if it detects a dog, the feeder will deliver dog food.
Used Function:Object tracking function.

Project Description: When HUSKYLENS detects an object it learned before, the X and Y coordinates of the target will be displayed on the screen.
Used Function:Barcode recognition function

Project Description:As the barcode stores the name and price of its corresponding product, the total price can be calculated by scanning the barcode with HUSKYLENS.
Used Function:Label recognition function

Project Description:If HUSKYLENS detects a learned label, it will generate a random number. When the sum of the random number is greater than 50, the music will be played.
Used Function:QR code recognition function

Project Description:Different QR codes correspond to different charging standards. After passengers paying the fare, "Payment is successful, please get on the bus" will be broadcasted.
Used Function:Object classification function

Project Description:When HUSKYLENS detects the worker wearing the safety helmet, it will allow him to enter. Or it won't let them in.
Used Function:Label recognition function

Project Description:Get binary: get binary numbers by recognizing tag cards.Binary to decimal: convert the obtained binary numbers to decimal and display it on HuskyLens screen.
Used Function:HUSKYLENS Camera function

Project Description:Use the camera function of HUSKYLENS to realize touch photography, voice control photography, and time-lapse photography.
Used Function:Object recognition funtion

Project Description:When detecting a vehicle in the emergency lane, HUSKYLENS will take a picture of it and warn the vehicle to leave quickly.


Click to view online tutorial: Study Pack of HUSKYLENS for micro:bit
Click to download the tutorial: Study Pack of HUSKYLENS for microbit Tutorials-EN(MakeCode).pdf
Product pictures:KIT0179-EN product pictures.rar

5.Product List

IO Extender for micro:bit Introduction
Power Supply Voltage:5V
IO Expansion Port(3.3V):×18
I2C Interface (3.3V):×2
HuskyLens-I2C Port(5V):×1
Micro Vibration Motor Module
Operating Voltage:5V
Interface Type:Digital
Control Mode:High-low level/PWM signal
*Dimension: *30mm×20mm/1.18×0.78"
Voice Recorder Module
Operating Voltage:5V
Recording Time:10 seconds
Sampling Frequency: **6.4KHZ
Repeatable Recording Times: 100000次
Dimension: **37×35mm/1.46×1.38"
Stereo Enclosed Speaker
Micro Servo
Operating Voltage4.8V
Stall Torque:1.6kg/cm
Operating temperature:-30 ~ +60 °C
Dead Set:5 microseconds
LED Switch - Blue
Operating Voltage3.3 V~5 V
Interface Type:Digital
Usage Method:The button has its own indicator light, which will light up when pressed.
RGB Full Color LightsWith
Operating Voltage:3V~5V
Interface Type:PH2.0-3P
LED Quantity:7
[Face Card]
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS face recognition function
Main Projects:Musical magic mirror, face recoginition access control
Color Card
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS color recognition function
Main ProjectsColor Piano
Object Card
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS object recognition function
Main Projects:Automatic pet feeder, emergency lane watchdog
Barcode Card
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS barcode recognition function
Main Projects:Self-service Supermarket Cash Register
Label Card
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS label recognition function
Main Projects:Collect Energy Every Day, Encryption and Decryption
QR Code Card
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS QR code recognition function
Main Projects:Smart Bus Card Reader
Object Classification Card
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS Object classification function
Main Projects:Safety Helmet Reminder
Object Tracking Card
Main Usage:HUSKYLENS object tracking function
Main Projects:Target Locator
Number:3(All the above cards can be used to track objects)


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